Workshops are specifically geared for small groups to optimize one-on-one instruction. 

Ceramic Sculpture and Pottery -Instructor Randy Fein

Classes are taught by Randy Fein, who has over 30 years of experience as a studio artist and ceramics instructor. She teaches workshops in hand-building, wheel throwing, glazing, mold-making, surface design, image transfer and glazing techniques for ceramics at her studio, Arts at the Center in Lincolnville Center, Maine. 

Adult  Workshops
Wheel throwing and Hand Building Basics
Get into the hands-on process of wheel thrown and slab built pottery. Students will create handmade functional objects such as, plates, bowls and mugs to enjoy for years to come.  .  

Create your own class meeting time to suit your schedule. Meet once a week or consecutive days. Please Contact Randy to schedule your classes appointments

Five class blocks of 2 & 1/2  hours each session
 $165 for 5 meetings
Materials fee is $25 person

Intermediate Wheel Intensive

Students will work under the mentor-ship of ceramic artist Randy Fein. Dig into technically difficult aspects of pottery and learn new tricks to overcome common stumbling blocks. Create cool handles and lids that look and feel great. Glazing techniques will be explored using low fire glazes. Limit 4 students per session


One day workshop for Adults and Parent Child pairs
Have Yourself A Wheel Good Time: Check one off the Bucket List!
Adults Only
– Saturdays by appointment  
Parent /Child pairs [8 and up] – Saturdays by appointment
Try the potter's wheel for the first time!  This class is for the absolute beginner who is curious to try their hand at the wheel.  With clear demonstrations and patient instruction, new students will make bowls and cups.  Glazing and firing will be discussed but students will not take home finished work.  The focus will be on the experience of trying something new.  For an additional fee the instructor will glaze and ship a few of your pieces.  This is the perfect weekend workshop to share a unique experience with your partner or friend. Fees: $40 for one person or $75 for 2 persons working together. Class fee includes materials.


Kids Only

Each class meets on four consecutive days. Class size is limited to 5 students .These classes are available on request for home school  children and groups of 5 children.
Your group can choose the day and time. Each class requires 2 hours and 4 meetings. Class fee of $145 per student includes all materials.

Mermaid Magic, Ages 8- 12
Come explore the depths of the ocean and your imagination. Create your favorite sea creatures using slab, coil, and pinch techniques. Build ships, fish, mermaids and coral reefs or make up your own imaginary sea monsters.    

Animals & Pottery, Ages 8-12
Explore the animal world and make fantastic creatures out of clay. First, we will learn how to sculpt animal faces, ears, mouths and tails. Then, we will try our hands at making animal-themed pottery. From bird mugs to animal jugs, this week will be full of great projects, including time on the potter's wheel.

Around The World, Ages 8-12
Become a global time traveler! Discover fascinating artifacts from different civilizations throughout history. Use clay hand building and decorating techniques inspired by cultural relics to create your own works of art.


Arts at the Center offers clay studio membership
Open studio access is limited as space is available to selected candidates
Co-op clay studio access membership is $75.00 per month.
●    Tuesday-Sunday  access to clay studio, potters wheels , slab roller, ceramic tools and equipment
●    Free use of select studio glazes and shelf space for your work
●    Key to studio